Enna Chow

Enna Chow, 19, is a singer-songwriter from Penang. She’s currently a freshman at Savannah College of Art and Design.

If you’ve ever heard her sing, chances are it was at a school prom, graduation, Little Penang Street Market, or a family party.

“I’ve been accustomed to being dinner party entertainment.”

Now that she’s in college, Enna also performs with the acapella group, at nearby coffee shops and on the school radio.

This is a recent original by Enna, shot in America.

How did you start songwriting?
It started because of heartbreak. I wrote my first song  towards the end of primary school I think. I’m sorry but love is honestly the easiest theme to write about, because there’s just so much out there to be inspired by.

Since then I’ve found it extremely therapeutic in my life. Songs just reach a certain frequency of emotions that normal words can’t. There’s nothing quite like writing a song to woo or to insult someone in particular.

“There’s nothing quite like writing a song to woo or to insult someone in particular.”

What are the things most important to you?
Family, friends, and being happy. Sometimes I worry a lot in my mind, so being around awesome people keeps me sane.

My friends and family have always been my biggest fans. I also love my wonderful 200 subscribers on YouTube! Most of what I post on YouTube is for them, because they’re the ones that seem to like what I do the most.

What are your aspirations?


Haha I’m joking. Music has always been more of a hobby. I just want keep using it to make the people around me happy, and to keep myself happy too.

For my career, I really want to become a prop maker for movies or theatre, or both!

One thing you didn’t know about Enna Chow

“I know all the words to the original Pokémon theme song.”

For more of Enna Chow, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

**Photo by Vicky Chong

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