While sitting down at a wedding one day, Antoine and Jaime saw an electric fence labeled “Volatile.” They looked at each other and said,

“Hey, let’s start a band and name it Volatile!”

Six months later, these four fellas banded together, and Volatile was formed.

volatileVolatile is a four-piece rock band from Penang. The band is made up of spontaneous and fun individuals that have grown to be family.

Over the past few years, Volatile has been featured at events like IndiePG and the 5 Degrees North Music Festival. In 2014, Volatile also won The Band Star Hunt at Gurney Plaza.

NOT your conventional head banging rock band, Volatile plays more of a swaying, dancing kind of rock. Just like in this original song.

How did you guys start songwriting?
One day we were having our usual band practice, and all of us sort of came to this revelation. “Why don’t we just write our own music and see what happens?”

It turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Sean is usually the genius behind most of the songs, but everyone brings ideas to the table, and we work together really well.

What are the band’s aspirations?
We’d like to play in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. That would be our next step. Eventually, it’d be cool to play at Wembley Stadium haha.

We definitely want to get an album out but we’re struggling a little bit with funds and time. Look forward to it, though!

Meet the Band
Antoine Loncle
, 20, is the drummer. He loves photography and is the person behind Frenchie’s Photography.

Jaime Gunter, 21, is the guitarist. She learnt guitar from Kelvyn Yeang for a while, and the picked up rest on her own. By the way, Antoine is her nephew.

Yeap Wei Wen, 19, is the bassist. The band couldn’t find a bassist, so he taught himself to play the bass when he joined Volatile. Wei wen and Antoine were childhood friends.

Sean Choon, 17, is the lead singer and the only band member still stuck in high school. He was 13 when he first joined Volatile. He is also the only one not directly related to Antoine in some way.

Volatile 2
Volatile rocking it out at IndiePG. Click to hear Volatile’s full on rock version of “The Rush” featuring Kimmy Choon (Sean’s older sister)

Funny Story about The Band Star Hunt Competition
Lead singer Sean Choon forgot the competition date and went to Nepal on a school trip without his phone.

His sister Kimmy Choon filled in for him, and Volatile won the competition. After the results were out, Sean decided to arrive on the scene. Just one of the band’s many stories.

Find out more about Volatile and their upcoming shows on
Volatile’s Facebook
Volatile’s Instagram
Volatile on ReverbNation

Follow Antoine’s photography at
Frenchie’s Photography
Frenchie’s Photography on Facebook

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