Jess Loh

Jess Loh is a singer-songwriter from Ipoh, Perak. She turns 24 this year, and currently studies Medicine at Monash University, Melbourne.

2013, the year that Jess started her medical degree, was the same year she started a YouTube channel. Since then, Jess has performed at Merdekarya and “The Rock Show” at Laundry Bar. She has also done busking gigs at the Abbotsford Market in Melbourne.

While she posts music on YouTube and Soundcloud quite often, Jess enjoys playing live the most.

“I definitely prefer performing live, because I love the energy from the crowd. Mistakes are also quickly forgotten (hopefully).”

Who inspires you to keep doing what you do?
My friends, who tirelessly watch my videos and show up to my gigs.
My parents, who provide for me so I can do music in my free time.
My sisters, who critique my songs.
And everyone that takes a moment to leave a nice comment on my videos or send me an encouraging message before a gig.

What are your aspirations?
Serve on the music team in church in Australia. Collaborate more. Do more gigs. And of course, graduate!

Next year, I plan to come out with an EP if everything goes well. You know what? I would really love to tour and play music all around the world. Now that would be cool.

A story totally unrelated to music but funny anyway
One time when I was 11, I had to stay back in school for marching practice. I wasn’t very happy, so I decided to stomp around the field.

Eventually, I felt my shoe insole curving up, and it started to bother me. As I removed my shoe, I  saw a yellow-greenish lump inside. Terrified, I dropped the shoe and called my friends over.

It was a frog, and the poor thing was flattened and quite dead. By then, the frog had been in my shoe for nearly 8 hours. We gave it a proper burial in the field beside the rain tree, with a stick cross marking its grave.

How the frog died? I’d like to think I stomped it to death, which is cruel enough, but my friends are certain that it died from the noxious fumes of my smelly feet.

For more of Jess Loh, check out her

**Photo by Calvin Alexi

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