Amrita Soon

Amrita Soon is a dreamer. She dreams of going places and meeting people; she dreams of playing her music and being heard. Don’t most of us have dreams like that too?

But more than just another dreamer, Amrita dares to chase after her dreams and see them become reality. At 19 years old, she has already been featured on Malaysian radio and TV (once she even sang with David Choi on 8TV’s YouTube Channel).

In 2014, Amrita raised her own funds to go to Nashville for a 62-day journey of musical discovery. She spent her time there getting to know other songwriters, attending music events, and performing at open mics at various places in the “Music City.”

At the end of 2014, Amrita released her “Clues” EP, partly as a thank you for those who helped send her to Nashville.

How did you start songwriting?
My English teacher in Primary 4 introduced us to poetry. We had to copy our favorite poems and then write our own. I haven’t stopped writing ever since. Later on, my dad taught me a few chords on the guitar, and that’s how I started writing songs.

Where have you been heard?
Playing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville has to be one of the highlights so far. I also had the best time busking in front of Sungei Wang Plaza. This whole journey so far has been wonderful. I’m getting to learn from amazing artists and meet wonderful, inspiring people along the way.

In her About Me page, Amrita says, “not growing up is one of my priorities in life.” This story shows how much of a kid she still is.

“I had always wanted a pair of Heelys (shoes that have wheels in the back so you can glide around places and do tricks). So last year, I bought a pair for my little brother and I, using only coins and small change I had been saving up. We brought a bag full of coins to the shop, and it has been the best thing I have invested in so far.”

Since March 2013, Amrita has also been running Treehouse Open Mic – a platform for young songwriters to showcase their music. For more of Amrita and her music, check out:

Amrita’s Official Website
Amrita’s Facebook
Amrita’s YouTube
Amrita on iTunes

**Photo by Eugene Khoo



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