A.RON is a rapper from Kuala Lumpur. More than just another rapper, A.RON desires to be a breath of fresh air in the music industry and a voice of change in his society.

A.RON makes it a point to write clean lyrics and isn’t ashamed to write about his worldview or the things he values. Off stage, his actual name is Aaron Lui Teng Wei, and he is currently pursuing a Degree in Mechatronics Engineering at UTAR.

How did you get into rap music?
I was exposed to rap music when I was 10, and I memorized All Rise by Blue when I turned 12. A couple of years later, I started writing my own lyrics for mini rap battles we used to have in high school.

Who has encouraged you along the way?
My friends and family. My friends, especially, have ferociously supported me by giving motivation and encouragement. One of them even bought me my very own Blue USB Microphone. Shout out to Kylie Ooi! Parents are supportive of what I do – as long as I don’t mess up my studies haha.

Where have you been heard?
I started off performing in school and in church. While I mostly do live shows, a good friend of mine Charisse Tay helped put together my first studio track “Da Truth (Intro)” in 2011.

Two years prior to that, I got the chance to perform in front of 2,000 people at the Made2Love concert. That’s when the stage started to truly become my second home. I’ve since performed at many other concerts and competitions.

Photo by Jonathan Cool
Photo by Jonathan Cool

Empowering Story
There was a time when  I wasn’t really supported for what I did, and it got me down and out. I told my 15-year-old self that I would stop whatever I was doing and just be the ordinary kid.

The problem was – I couldn’t. Hip Hop had become so embedded in my system that I couldn’t fake it. I stuck with my passion and here I am today. Moral of the story: Don’t let go of your passion.

For more of A.RON, follow him on
Instagram – @dadeft

**Photos by Jonathan Cool

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