The Pamintuans

The Pamintuans are two brothers from Brunei, with Richmond Pamintuan as the guitarist and Mark Jay Pamintuan as the drummer. They often collaborate with other artists and musicians, one of them being talented singer-songwriter Adilah Affendy.

In 2014, The Pamintuans came up with two singles, both featuring Adilah. Take a listen to “Blue Yonder,” a beautiful song written together by Richmond and Adilah.

The Pamintuans are also part of a band called Jalapeños. The band has been featured at places like Merdekarya and Laundry Bar. In 2013, Jalapeños won the Passport to Fame band competition.

How did Jalapeños come together?
We came from Brunei and met the rest of the band while we were studying at ICOM (a music college in KL). The band members are from all over the place, with Jude Macson from Sabah, Herman Ramanado from KL and Joelle Benson from Indonesia. We’ve all become really close friends through playing together.

How did you start songwriting?
(Richmond) I’ve always enjoyed writing my own music, ever since I was young. I just threw in whatever I felt like writing. It could start off with something simple like a melody, and I would develop it from there. My dream is to become a songwriter and producer, and to share more music with the world.

Who are your biggest fans?
Our parents are our main source of inspiration and support. They are the reason that we can do what we love to do. Also, our friends and all the people we love are the ones who have brought us to where we are today.

Photo by Maricel Pamintuan

Fun Facts about The Pamintuans
– They grew up in Brunei.
– They like playing basketball.
– They BOTH play the piano, drums and bass.
– They are quarter Filipino, quarter Spanish and half Chinese (if not mistaken).

For more of The Pamintuans, follow them on

**Photos by Maricel Pamintuan

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