KissKillMary is an indie rock band from Kuala Lumpur. Not sure what they’re all about? Don’t worry, they’ve summed it up for you.

“Think of KissKillMary as a hard blend of dance elements and indie rock. Something like adding whisky to Coke while having dark chocolate.”

KissKillMary was formed in 2011, and the band has been writing their own music and performing ever since. Over the years, they’ve been featured at places like IndiePG, No Black Tie and Laundry Bar.

How did you guys come together?
Richard and Adrian were colleagues, while Adrian and Beng had already played together for a long time. We had the band. The only trouble was getting our vocalist Jenn on board.

It took almost a year for Jenn to finally agree to jam with us, and she brought Sonny along (because jamming with three random guys isn’t sketchy at all). Halfway through, we felt something was missing. Sonny picked up the guitar to play with us, and the rest is history.

I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later – MILES DAVIS

That’s usually our starting point and inspiration for our songs. In fact, that was how “Repetition” was written. Beng started playing this catchy bass line, and the song just wrote itself.

Fun Facts about KissKillMary
– Beng came up with the name KissKillMary
– There is no Mary in the band
– Sonny and Richard are metal heads.
– Jenn is definitely not a metal head.

KissKillMary is currently working on coming up with their debut full-length album. Pledge to give to KissKillMary here for some cool and exclusive merchandise.

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