Darren Ashley

Darren Ashley is a music composer and songwriter from Kuala Lumpur. His music is unlike anything else, with an unpredictable mix of extremely melodious tunes, superb vocals, unique beats and natural sounds.

Maybe this will give you a better picture.

Darren has traveled all over to places like Switzerland, Berlin, India and Shanghai to showcase his one-of-a-kind sound. When he’s back in town, he also plays together with local artists.

What is your musical upbringing?
Dad had a guitar so I started playing on it. I also picked up drums and played for a few bands during school years.

How did you start songwriting?
I think it was most probably to impress someone I had a crush on. I can’t remember which song it was that I wrote.

What do you think about music?
I like how music is so similar to food. I love how we use terms like fresh, warm, spicy, delicious and tasty to describe sounds. And all this depends heavily on a person’s taste. As wide as our world’s diversity of flavors, I think it’s essential to taste all sorts of sounds to expand our music world larger.

Fun Facts about Darren
– I aspire to be an amazing cook
– I have Japanese ancestors
– I speak Thai
– I’m a Marvel fan

For more of Darren, follow him on

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