Kelvyn Yeang

Predictable. That’s the kind of music we hear a lot these days. People sing a certain way, play a certain kind of music because that’s what everyone else is doing.

In the heart of Penang lies a brave RED soul that just doesn’t fit into the mold. If you’re bored and tired of hearing the same music over and over again, get ready to splash some RED onto your dull grey playlist.

Photo by Leonard Chua
Photo by Leonard Chua

Kelvyn Yeang is an electric guitarist from Penang. By the twang of his bright red guitar, he lets his music do the talking.

“Music does for me what I can’t do with words.”

Take a listen and see what kind of story his music paints for you.

Kelvyn has played in various countries, including places like the Philippines, Korea, Singapore and all over Malaysia. Besides featuring as a solo artist, Kelvyn also plays with Ocean of Fire and function band Blussy.

Even after playing in huge venues and winning band competitions like Asian Beat and Passport to Fame, Kelvyn says that he still enjoys playing in small venues the most.

“It just feels more intimate. I am right next to the audience and I can interact with them. Oh, and  I like to look at their faces when I’m doing something crazy.”

What were some of the challenges you faced?
I’m not the guy that got all the encouragement when I was coming up. People didn’t really believe in me.  I saw this as an opportunity to push myself harder.

What would you say to aspiring musicians/songwriters?
You need to discover your strengths and use the resources available to you to get out there.

This means to always stay relevant and continuously sharpen your craft. And don’t be cocky. No one likes a cocky person.

“Get out there. And don’t be cocky.”

Besides sharing his music, Kelvyn is passionate about promoting other local musicians and artists. He does that through IndiePG, a platform for local bands and songwriters to be heard. Kelvyn also manages shows at Jammin Via Pre, Penang.

5 Things You Never Knew About Kelvyn Yeang

  • He love plants. He collects cacti and tillandsias.
  • He likes RED. He will never play onstage for his own gigs without his signature red guitars.
  • He was a total geek. He used to collect stamps.
  • He has a pair of shoes he uses for everything.
  • He always wanted to play the piano.

More of Kelvyn Yeang here:
Kelvyn’s Facebook
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Kelvyn’s YouTube

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