The Midnight Sessions EP


In the dark and quiet, things get real.

The Midnight Sessions EP is an album that captures the going-ons of the heart and mind during those moments.

“The songs in The Midnight Sessions were all written and recorded during the hours past midnight. They chronicle some of my most vulnerable moments, and display some of the strongest emotions I have personally felt or witnessed others feel.”

Zee Ng, an 18-year-old guitarist and singer-songwriter, began his songwriting journey in 2012 when he realized that the songs on radio no longer resonated with him.

“Music is supposed to connect with the listener. But when all you hear is happy, poppy music with no depth, you are really missing the point of music.”

That’s how The Midnight Sessions was birthed. Zee stayed up through the nights, capturing every honest thought and emotion that came his way.

“These songs are heartfelt and personal to me. In the middle of the night, when regret finally kicks in, there’s no one to say sorry to because everyone is asleep. So, I express myself in the only way I know how to – through songs.”

This album is not for the faint of heart. Its haunting vocals and intricate layers of music give way to an ambience that will burrow deep into your heart.

Listen to this EP in its proper time and place, and I promise you’ll be overwhelmed by depths of emotion.

“If people are feeling sad, I want them to be able to find a song that they can relate to, something that will help them work through their thoughts and emotions.”

So, if you’re ready to do some heart talk and dive deep into layers of meaningful and honest music, here we go.

This is The Midnight Sessions EP by Zee Ng.

**Contact Zee Ng on Facebook to get your copy today.

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