IndiePG 2015 – Rock it Red


IndiePG is back. This time round, IndiePG will be featuring 16 local bands and artists, all ready to rock the stage.

Launched in 2013, IndiePG exists to provide a platform for local songwriters and musicians to showcase their talent outside of the usual, creativity-limiting, mainstream venues.

All songs performed at IndiePG are originals. What’s more, the audience at IndiePG can always expect to be blown away by the fresh, the unique, and sometimes even the bizarre.

In addition to the two concert nights, IndiePG will also feature free workshops during the day.

Photo by IndiePG

As we countdown to IndiePG over the next few weeks, The Backyard Noise will be introducing you to various bands and artists that will be taking the stage. Stay tuned and get excited for



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