Lost Spaces

I discovered something my first night at Merdekarya; it is almost impossible to get a decent photo with your phone here.

Hence, the blurry shot.

Sam Lopez & the band literally lost in space.
Sam Lopez & the band literally lost in space.

Nevertheless, tonight was probably the best night for me step into this local music haven (for the very first time).


Tonight was all about Lost Spaces.

First off the bat, the band brought the entire kampung along and packed Merdekarya. It was super cool to finally meet some of the people The Backyard Noise previously featured as well as other local artists and fans.

Then, there was that afro-flinging lead singer—Sam Lopez. He was down to earth, witty, and such a joy to watch. He even gave a shoutout to his mum (who came all the way from Ipoh) halfway through the show.

For the rest of the band…

Lost Spaces seem to have lost their faces.
Lost Spaces seem to have lost their faces.

Even they don’t have a decent picture. However, what they do have is a very decent groove and super tight playing.

Meet the band:
Sam Lopez – Vocals & Guitar
Imran Marshall – Vocals & Bass
Keane Chua – Guitar
Lukas Lopez – Drums

Tonight, Lost Spaces played a variety of covers and originals. Oh, I forgot to mention—it was their debut! And it was a great, great debut. The entire evening was full of positive vibes, and the music was tight, clean and pleasing to the ears.

The drummer and bassist were on point today, and as someone from the crowd mentioned, they didn’t overplay and didn’t underplay. Their solid groove made way for the guitars and vocals to shine.

Throughout the night, Lost Spaces displayed a cohesion that was so fun to watch. The band had lots of dynamics and layers to their playing, but they somehow gelled together so effortlessly. They truly enjoyed their playing, and if you saw the drummer’s facial expressions… Priceless!

Still not a decent photo, but hey at least you can sort of make up their faces now.
Still not a decent photo, but hey at least you can sort of make up their faces now.

In short, tonight felt authentic.

The band didn’t just feel real, they were real good. And they showcased a great sense of togetherness—isn’t that what the local music scene is all about?

The crowd felt more like family than spectators. The atmosphere felt more like a gathering than a show. Everyone was there to see Lost Spaces make their first show.

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced this togetherness.

I think I’m hooked.

For more of Lost Spaces, follow them on:
Facebook: @lostspacesband
Instagram: @lost.spaces

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